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Too fat,
too skinny,
too loud,
too shy,
too old,
too bitchy,
too nice,
too bossy,
too serious.

We've heard it all.

Yup, it's still a tough time to be a woman - but we can all take steps, big or small, to get empowered to live our best lives.

Step 1?

Join the f school.


What the heck is the f school?

We're an online school teaching you the skills that should be taught in school or uni but aren't.

Like: how to deal with that creepy AF dude on the bus; how to say no to your one-night stand after you've made it to second base and you can't afford a $50 Uber home; how to ask for more $$ at work; how to practice the famous "self-care" without spending an arm and a leg on fancy candles; and generally, how to feel more confident in your own body, inside and out.

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Okay, let's be serious for a sec.

Many of us are slowly waking up: gender pay gap, abortion bans, period poverty, #metoo, sexism, unbalanced parenting - as if it wasn't enough that we’re already supposed to spend all day trying to look cute and baking gluten-free carrot cakes, while writing shopping lists and researching eco-friendly menstrual products. Hard pass.


We want to see women, girls, and men step up and reach their full potential - without being interrupted, underpaid, or being told to smile more.


"We believe in a world where every woman has the skills to live a more empowered life."

So we started listening, researching, writing, and collecting practical tips to help women around the world take action.

A year later, we've taught over 1,000 people from over 50 countries, who are implementing our tips to live better lives.

We respect your email privacy